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Fall 2017, Week 8: Oh wait it’s Midterm

By November 2, 2016Thesis

Okay, seriously, last week was fun, I made something physical as a prototype which could be something to look upon as a possible idea for my future thesis. Let’s face it; I already have thoughts and ideas, and the way in which I thought about this was pretty drastically different. Some pretty impressive points were put forward by Dana which will help me in my midterm presentation, wherein I will be presenting all my ideas to the class. I did do a little bit of research this week, most of it dealt with the fact that I needed to archive data so that it serves the purpose of a family heirloom in some way or the other.

My thoughts did go into those parts for a bit, but there was yet another prototype which came in my head. This one could be influential in understanding and make sense of memorizing family heirlooms in a physical and yet digital environment, and within the context of the same, ensure an archival nature of the whole concept of ‘Home.’

So my thoughts went upon this, how can the best experience of being in a moment/memory be established which is more immersive than viewing a photograph or watching a video. I’ll keep you held at this point for a while, here is my research based on last week’s ideas and the concept for a prototype.

Also, here’s a recap of all my ideas over the past few weeks summarized in one chart.


Prototype this week

For this week’s prototype, I wanted to focus on immersive experiences using virtual reality. The world is moving towards using the technology of Virtual Reality to create an experience of the user being present as the event is taking place. There were many ways in which Virtual Reality enabled users to enjoy


Many features for including 360 videos for viewing have also been created, imagine you being able to attend a party without actually being in one.

For this weeks prototype, I used a 360 video of a house party happening in a place which is inaccessible, but I am still able to live it Live using a virtual reality device. What’s more, I can actually relive the same moment, same feeling by coming back and reviewing the experience through an archived 360 video and a virtual reality device.

Propose a Solution:

A prototype could be a digital application (mobile) through which you could capture moments, these moments could be

  1. Images
  2. Letters
  3. Videos
  4. 360 Videos
  5. 360 Images
  6. Voicemail

These data could be used to add value to things present in the physical world though QR Codes which have lost value in recent times due to the digital era

  1. Letters
  2. Handheld Photographs
  3. Telegrams
  4. Gift Boxes


Can such a medium of data be used to create a family heirloom? Which could be passed on to generations?

Will the practice of storing physical memories (letters received, images clicked) still exist?

How do I get all of these together?

Updated QSPFR

Here is a link to the updated QSPFR Spreadsheet

Here is a link to the Presentation


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