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Spring 2017, Week 6 – It worked, although in 3 parts, but it worked.

By March 8, 2017Thesis

This week brings back one thing, Live 360 Video Streaming is happening, if not in the direct way, since YouTube has not provided support for VR View in their API. Hence due to unfortunate circumstances, the app will redirect to YouTube.

The good news it, you would be able to access the live stream only through a specific access code, which needs to be entered through the mobile application. That way, individuals with no access to the YouTube Access Code, will not be able to access the URL.

This week had development happening, nothing has been uploaded on my Open Source Github yet, the same will soon be up and available for sharing early next week.

The prototype got updated, since we have Live 360 Happening, Yay!.

Here’s an updated link to the prototype. The names back to ‘Home’ since my accountability partner recommended to keep it connected to your hometown.

Here is an updated YouTube Video of me testing out a VR Cardboard View Feature in iOS

Here is my test on the Theta 360 API and how it works

I just had a brilliant experience working with the Theta 360 API and I would be happy to share it with you.

Speaking of Live, I still need to record someone going live in and work around it

I would be using an open source tool for Live Streaming via YouTube for my prototype

It provides you with tools that assist in live streaming.

Since Live Streaming was made possible, I would be demoing a working version of the same.


Here would be my mission statement

“I am building a mobile virtual reality application to address the problem of longing for ones home, that arises amongst millennials. I think it will alleviate their longing, and that’s important because millennials will feel more connected to their home.”

That’s all for Science Fair Week, see you all in Spring Break Week.




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