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Spring 2017, Week 4 – Some Books, Some VR, Some Tech

By February 22, 2017Thesis

This week turned out to be having a lot of research on Virtual and Real spaces and the emotional aspect associated with each space. This week also turned out to be fun with one book in particular, Architecture from the Outside, it was a brilliant read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The weekend was pretty out of schedule this time, especially because there was an immediate Hackathon at NYU, which pretty much summed up my Weekend, and hence, the amount of research delved in this week was pretty mediocre, need to cope up next week.

The value of places in virtual space depends on the detailed character of their spatiality, the way their textures fit with their social use, and on the complexity and humaneness of the actions guided by their social norms. Some thoughts, which felt refreshed by this article.

Another of this article also talks about the reality of virtual and real spaces

Also, I started a good read this week on Architecture from the Outside, I haven’t drilled much deep into the concepts associated with the same, but it sure was relevant enough. Here is an outline of the same.

Working with tech this week

I played more with the 360 Camera and Understood its working and functionalities, started off programming an application and stuff.

That’s all for this week


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