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Spring 2017, Week 3 – More deep research into topics.

By February 15, 2017Thesis

This was definitely a heave research week, the week started off early, with me meeting up with my Thesis Writing advisor Gwen, who assisted me in drilling down a few concepts and understanding the way in which the system works. We started off strong by working on the concepts of home and what are the various questions which come up in an individuals mind when we look at Home.


The same was then broken down to the most relevant question and answers relating to the same were thought about.

Answers were brought into place and this made it easier to drill down those options which seem relevant to every individual. While I constantly try analyzing the term ‘What is ‘Home’?’. I finally drilled down towards a few ideas which helped me.

What makes home, ‘Home’? Home is where people can feel connected with their family, culture and their lives from childhood till date, with no barrier for language.

360 Images and 360 Video

Technology is evolving, and keeps evolving. And as it evolves, the ways in which moments and memories are being captured also keeps evolving. Initially people used to store photographs and videos in the form of physical images, which later got transferred to digital images. Today the world is moving towards Virtual Reality and 360 Imagery. And so I began researching on the evolution of media and how the world is looking at it today.

I began watching Ways of Seeing by John Berger, which talks about how users have evolved in perceiving art and media.

This TED Talk was also interesting in explaining how VR is the future and it provides users with an immersive experience, but something is missing and that is making it available to the consumer audience. With Google Cardboard and improved quality of 360 Cameras, people are slowly adopting the technology in their daily lives.

I also enjoyed reading this article

Osmose: Towards Broadening the Aesthetics of Virtual Reality

It talks about Virtual Reality in quite early stages of technology evolution, was indeed a great read.