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Spring 2017, Week 2 – Research and a Little Bit of Development

By February 8, 2017Thesis

Week 2, yay!.

Okay, this week was fun. I got a shot to do a hell lot of discovery in narrowing down my project.

The week started off with me and Kate sitting down and discussing our final thesis project together. While we were looking into the prospects of Thesis Defense and Academic Purposes, it was evident that the project needed to be narrowed down.

After careful discussion with Kate, I will be focussing less on 360 Live and more focus would be put forward on the use of VR View and 360 Images/Videos.

So I began researching on the technological aspects of my project and refining my prototype.

Technologically I Began researching on 360 Cameras which will be suitable and compatible with an iPhone.

The first one which came forward in my head was the Ricoh Theta S. Its a great 360 camera which when wirelessly connected with the iPhone can transfer images and  videos seamlessly.

More importantly, the Ricoh Theta cameras have an open source developer portal which works seamlessly with the camera.

The other camera which I put my hands on was the Insta360 Camera. It works well, and has a pretty cool camera attached to the iPhone.

But unfortunately it doesn’t come with an open source developer API but with a SDK option which needs to be pre approved.

Still, it ain’t chat bad.

Over the rest of the week, I worked upon refining my question and thesis statement and began working on looking at competitive apps that perform a similar function.

I also read more about implementing 360 Applications and Started my research on Programming Languages which I would be using for the front end, data storage and backend service.

For the front end I would be looking upon creating the application using swift and a little bit of unity. I would be using Amazon Web Services for storage and retrieval of data.

Thats about it for now

See you next week.


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